An Interview of Myself

How does it feel to be a poet-broker?

Which part of me are you asking?

Whichever part is responsible for this interview.

It feels good and better and better as time goes on.

Can you tell the readers why that is.

I realize that everyone is searching for a brand, or even struggling to establish one, and mine already exists. People know who Poet-Broker is. I myself may not know sometimes, but others do.

Please share with us, what is that brand or identity?

A Poet-Broker is a real estate broker who uses poetry to advance his deals, and also delivers public poems to large audiences at business conferences and political gatherings. 

I see. So, it’s not simply a matter of being a real estate broker and poet?

No not at all. There have been truly world class poets such as Wallace Stevens, or even T.S. Eliot, who earned a living as business persons without mingling art with their means of earning a living.

You have been around a large number of real estate brokers and likewise poets. Do you recognize any patterns of similarities and or differences?  

There are strong similarities in personal motivation and in job environment. 

Many people who been around both, would take issue with that.

Both are greedy but for different things. A poet wants attention while a broker wants money. The environment has similarities in that both are on what Laurel Ann Bogen calls the border, trying to bridge a gap. A poet’s gap, between insight and expression, is resolved on paper. The broker straddles the border between clients and closes it in escrow. 

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