Project Memories Dominated my Desert Memoir

this is the park where I met her: I stepped forward and in the sunlight saw the freckled face of a really pretty little blue-eyed blond girl. I waited a few seconds, watching the gold light on her head


Since my near death experience, I’m inclined to relate more to plants than to people

Photos of MBSAR

One of the rescuers took these on my search. Posting on the 10 year anniversary of my rescue September 30, 2010..

Interview Series Realized

Self-Interview 9-3-20

Broker: I didn’t notice you complaining, laying around a 5 Star hotel imagining you were a revolutionary poet!

Poet: If we are this nasty interviewing ourselves, why should anyone else let us interview them?

Broker: Your right. I should have asked you something less personal that might help create understanding. Something like, “Do you think artists like you are too dependent on business people like me, so they just go along with anything we do?

Poet: That’s much nicer. I’d have to answer “Certainly we are. Because you provide for our survival.” If you take this approach in general, you’ll be able to expand the interview series.

Broker: Right. Nobody wants to be interviewed by flamethrower.

Poet: Yes. But what a horrible image. Please phrase that differently. OMG.

Salvation Canyon Review by Manhattan Book Review

The writing is marvelous, the language wholly appropriate, with snatches of humor defying the reality. Salvation Canyon is a wondrous cautionary tale, enjoyable because of what can only be termed ‘a happy ending.’

Self Interview

Self-Interview 8-17-20

Broker: What a mess DTLA is.

Poet: You still blaming it in the property owners?

Broker: They certainly deserve some blame.

Poet: Is that so? How about on their deals where you made money?

The Digger

Coyote woke me then
when the remote road glowed
in another day’s light a black horse
galloped by from the sun’s side
a driven rider knees dug in
a doppelganger in the wind
a man in wine and gold
his hem above his hips.

Oasis on Zoom

Friday night’s Zoom presentation for Oasis was a success.

Self Interview

Poet : What do you intend to do about the Pandemic?

The Digger In Valley Poets Anthology

The Digger by Ed Rosenthal
The lime vanilla ice-pop seen from a mile away
was a woman pushing a stick in the ground.
The wind romanced her rough robe
blowing cotton petals in and out
Her splotched white Dandelion of hair
flung itself around her arms and shoulders

Hikers Tackle Route

Wide Canyon, A love Story
By Ken Sims
Any story I write that features my wife Wendy … is just somehow a love story. …Even
those that are not altogether happy…
Wide Canyon:
I awakened early on the morning of Sunday, February 19, 2006. With nothing more pressing
to do, so I got on the computer and resumed my efforts to chart a course over the Little San
Bernardino Mountains

New Downtown Brokerage Update

My real estate firm New Downtown Brokerage is now involved in finishing several complicated deals in DTLA. As information becomes publicly available, I will post news and updates on this website. I’m very proud of my past contributions to redevelopment of our precious historic resources and the downtown core of the city.

“Downtown Crossroads” from Skid Row Studios

In 2013, I conducted a series of interviews with some of Downtown L.A.’s most interesting characters. “Downtown Crossroads” was lost for many years to me but found again in 2020. It will be relaunched as a podcast.

“The Projects” Awarded at Ventura County Poetry Contest

I’m from the warm red Formica table in the nook
carved from the kitchen of the post war housing
unit that faced the wall hiding the word Frigidaire
emblazoned on the six-inch thick yellow ecru door
which endured meal prep-wars with Mom’s rear…

“Landlady” Published in Cultural Weekly


I can’t get a straight answer from her but I don’t mind
my mind being bent by beautiful turns of phrase
Quilts of words with soft stitchless edges wrapped
in overlapping designs from one side to the other.

Word bouquets imitate petals bent in the breeze….

Interviews with Lead Rangers

These two interviews with the lead National Park Rangers were undertaken on my behalf in 2013 by L.A. author and researcher Ina Hillebrandt.

New Torah

In 2009 the new Chabad of DTLA received it’s new Torah and I helped commemorate on the rooftop.

An Interview of Myself

How does it feel to be a poet-broker?

Which part of me are you asking?

Whichever part is responsible for this interview….

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