Self Interview

Self-Interview 8-17-20

Broker:  What a mess DTLA is.

Poet: You still blaming it in the property owners?

Broker:  They certainly deserve some blame.

Poet:    Is that so?  How about on their deals where you made money?

Broker:  I only added housing. And never removed it.

Poet: Oh yeah?  What about when the cycle accelerated around DTLA?

Broker:  You mean gentrification? – Things do get out of control. It’s sad.

Poet: I didn’t notice you crying when you ordered expensive Grappa and blew cigar smoke around that Beverly Hills patio at the top of Rodeo Drive.

Broker: Its well know that many Cuban revolutionaries and Black Panthers rode Cadillacs and smoked fine cigars.

Poet:  Probably, like you, Che, ate a two -hour lunch of crab cakes, lobsters, baked potatoes and asparagus drenched in butter and   took a two- hour nap prior to hooking up with Fidel.

Broker: Right!

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